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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School


Science at Dame Ellen has a very practical focus. Children are presented with a wide range of practical experiences that allow them to form an understanding of the world around them through interaction.

The children are encouraged to get hands on with experiments, experiences and observations. This encourages the children to become excited by Science and curious about finding things out. They learn to answer questions, for example, on how things are similar or different, how they change and what they can see happening.

Science is delivered in cross-curricular fashion which allows the children's learning to link in with current Topics or areas of study. They will also continue to develop and apply their communication, reading, writing and maths skills in science. 

Science Curriculum

Our science learning is often linked to children's class topics.  In Lambs and Caterpillars classes children follow the Knowledge and Understanding of the World strand of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  The rest of the school follow the National Curriculum Topics. Staff modify this so that all pupils are set relevant and challenging work.  We work on a two year rolling cycle so all children have time and opportunity to assimilate new knowledge and skills. Working Scientifically underpins every science unit and there is a heavy emphasis on meaningful practical activities. For more information on when each unit will be taught please see your termly Curriculum Newsletter or contact your child's Class Teacher.

  Monkeys and Caterpillars ( year 1 Curriculum)

Everyday Materials- exploring the senses
Everyday materials - grouping
Animals including Humans - senses
Animals including Humans -animal body parts
Plants - Plants
Plants- Local Environment
Seahorses and Bears (year 2 curriculum)
Uses of Everyday Materials- grouping and classifying
Uses of everyday materials - changing
Animals including Humans - Food drink and exercise. 
Animals including Humans - Life cycle and growth
Living Things and their habitats- Local Environment
Plants - Plants
Owls and Foxes (Year 3/4 curriculum)
Electricity - Electricity
Rocks - Rocks and weathering
Sound - sound
Forces and magnets - forces
States of Matter - changing materials
Plants - Plants 
Sharks and Meerkats (year 5/6 curriculum)
Evolution and Inheritance- Humans as organisms
Animals including Humans - The heart /  health /Life cycle
Earth and space - Earth and beyond
Living things and habitats - life cycle and growth
Sound - sound
Electricity - electricity

                                Hedgehogs (Year 5/6  curriculum)

Animals including Humans - The heart / health / life cycle
Evolution and Inheritance - Humans as organisms
Living Things and their Habitats - Life cycle and growth
Earth and Space - Earth and Beyond
Sound - Sound 
Electricity - Electricity

                                     Lions ( Year 2 curriculum)

Uses of Everyday materials - Linked to Ancient Greeks
All Living Things - Linked to Healthy Me
Plants - Linked to Mayans and Rainforest

                                      Dolphins (Year 1 curriculum)

Everyday Materials - linked to Journeys
Animals including  Humans - Linked to food through stories
Forces - Linked to Circus


Science enables children to become independent learners ! If we give children  the tools to explore , they can make their own investigations.




Upper school visited The Big Bang Fair at the NEC and engaged in lots of science and engineering.


Lower school worked on scientific enquiry whilst having lots of fun with eggs!


Science Week 2017

During National Science Week, Dame Ellen participated in some fun and messy experiments. We looked at chemical reactions, surface tensions, static electricity. We made lava and  slime and managed to put a skewer through an inflated balloon! All classes had a bucket of science and there was great feedback from teachers and pupils along with lots of wow moments!



Science Week

From 2015 Dame Ellen added an extra curricular week for Science. This was a themed week where children had the opportunity for inclusion with pupils from different classes. The children took part in a huge variety of WOW experiments such as making a bouncy ball, glittery explosions, balloon monsters and lava lamps! We even had a visit from a real scientist who set off a rocket in the school grounds! The children thoroughly enjoyed the week and were excited and engaged throughout. Watch out for our next Science Week !


Exploring pushes & pulls with magnets.               





 Finding out which materials make the  best towers.








Science Week 2016

This year we delivered yet another successful Science Week. This year the focus was on 'Radical Rockets'. Classes were paired and given experiments to try out under the theme of 'Radical Rockets'. Then children were challenged to modify their experiments to create the best rocket and become real 'Rocket Scientists'. The children at Dame Ellen never disappoint and threw themselves into the challenge enjoying every moment! The week culminated with an assembly where children were awarded with a 'Radical Rocket Graduation Certificate' and given the status of being a real 'Rocket Scientist'.