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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School



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Welcome to Robin's Class. 

We are a class of 13 children, and we follow the Woodland pathway.

Miss Bradley is our class teacher and our wonderful teaching assistants are Sue and Sandra. Amma is our teacher on Monday and Tuesday mornings.


Summer 1- Food in Birmingham/UK

Welcome to Summer 1 

We will be attending golf every Wednesday morning. The children can wear their PE kits. This half-term our topic is Food in Birmingham/UK with the focus on STEM. We will be learning about British traditional meals and food from the UK. We will have plenty of opportunities to explore food and create our own healthy meals.

We've chosen to use Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for our English story. This will link to Cadbury which was founded in 1824 in Birmingham.  We will follow the TFW map and during the half-term we will write and design our own chewing gum meal.

At the end of the half-term, we will be inviting parents in to experience fun with food workshop. Will you dare to try our three-course gum meal? Will you turn into a blueberry? Will you try the edible wallpaper? Charlie Bucket's cabbage soup?

‘Fabulous!’ shouted Violet. ‘It’s tomato soup! It’s hot and creamy and delicious! I can feel it running down my throat!’ ‘It’s changing!’ shouted Violet, chewing and grinning both at the same time. ‘The second course is coming up! It’s roast beef! It’s tender and juicy! Oh boy, what a flavour! The baked potato is marvellous, too! It’s got a crispy skin, and it’s all filled with butter inside!’

Summary of Summer 1.......

Spring 2- Birmingham/UK


Welcome to Spring 2 

We will continue to go swimming every Thursday morning for the next half-term. Please send in a swimming kit and towel on this day. Thank you. 

This half-term our topic is Birmingham/Uk with the focus on Geography. We will be looking at maps and famous landmarks. We will be using Paddington Bear to explore Birmingham/UK. We will be writing maps, postcards, letters etc. 

Paddington's Post: With real mail to open and enjoy! : Bond, Michael,  Alley, R. W.: Books

Summary of Spring 2

We finished the half-term off with an Easter shop.....

Our World Book Day Scarecrow festival......



Our hook lesson......

We listened to the music from the Paddington film and drew a map of Birmingham. When the music was playing, we made marks and when the music stopped we wrote words and labels. We also rehearsed a new song about Birmingham to the tune of We will rock you. 

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Spring 1- Snow White


Welcome to Spring 1 

We will be going swimming every Thursday morning for the next term. Please send in a swimming kit and towel on this day. Thank you. We also have the opportunity to work with a tennis coach on Mondays. 

This half-term our topic is Snow White with the focus on performing arts. We will look at different versions of the story, but our main book will be the book below.  We will be hooked into this topic with a theatre performance. We will share our reviews and opinions later on in the half-term. We also have an exciting hook planned for the classroom.

In English, we will be following our new story map drawn by myself. We'll be looking at the features of fairy tales and writing our own version of Snow White. In PSHE, we will be looking at what makes a good friend, differences and keeping safe. In Science, we will be looking at animals and habitats. All with multisensory activities and cross-curricular links to our topic of Snow White.

Let’s Connect in Robins Class. The task was to create an immersive Snow White experience 🧩 πŸ” We transformed our class into a forest and created an escape room for the children to complete. We also invited the kitchen staff and some of the guides to join in πŸ” 🌳

We solved the clues to get the combination padlock code. We opened the boxes to find jigsaw pieces of Snow White. The last combination code was on the back of the completed jigsaw and then opened the big box of treats πŸ§©πŸ”



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Our trip to Attwell Farm 

Autumn 2- A Victorian Christmas 

Welcome to Autumn 2. 

We have forest school on a Wednesday. Please send your child in with old clothes and wellingtons. Thank you.

 This half-term our topic is Victorian Christmas. Our book is 'A Christmas Carol' and narrative will be our focus in English lessons. We will be learning all about a Victorian Christmas and the importance of family, friends and the community. We will cover this in our PSHE and topic lessons and this will link excellently to our focus book. 


Our hook to the story book..... 

The children have received a letter from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, setting them a challenge to make Scrooge laugh. We have been sent a crack the code activity that the children will need to complete and find the answer to the Christmas jokes. We also have ghosts in the classroom using an AR app.

On the last day of term, we had a Victorian Christmas Market. All classes were given £30 for the product.  It was our challenge to make the most profit and we did it ! £134 with a £104 profit.

Joshua was our star seller ! He was a brilliant salesman πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’Ό 🌟He exchanged money and knew  how much change to give everyone. 



Forest School 

Autumn 1 

This half-term we will spend the first 2 weeks getting to know each other and our new environment and making new friends and relationships.                               


Our story book focus will be......... Katie and the Starry Night! We are so excited to get hooked into this story book. 


For the remainder of the half-term our topic is ‘Painters'. All of our lessons, where possible, will be linked to the topic, and we will be practising different art and painting techniques. At the end of the topic each child will produce a canvas and this will be displayed in our school art gallery

Our Writing.....

Green Screen

Leo's homework

Listening to instructions to paint the Sunflower painting. 

Explosions in Science 


Our focus for the topic will be looking at Van Gogh's paintings. We will also explore other paintings and famous artists. 

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