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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School


Homework comes in a variety of forms and is used for lots of positive reasons.  Some of these reasons are..

* To consolidate what a child has learnt at school.

* To reinforce and deepen their understanding. 

* To enhance motivation for the subject.

* To encourage independent learning and responsibility.

* To offer opportunities to stretch and challenge.

Homework is differentiated to meet the individual needs of each child as they move through school.  Please check your child's pathway for homework expectations on the curriculum tab above.

Topic homework gives pupils the opportunity to investigate the topic areas to a greater extent or through a different avenue.  Pupils can then present their findings to the class in their own creative styles.

Children will be incentivised to complete homework throughout the year.  They will earn "Golden Tickets"  which equates to a class prize or golden time, depending on the routines of the class teacher.

In order to support your child with their homework...

* Provide a suitable working area for them to complete their task.

* Remove possible distractions.

* Be at hand to offer support where necessary but encourage independence as much as possible.

* If something is proving too challenging, move on to the next item and make a little note for the teacher so that they are aware of the child's next steps.

* Set a reasonable time frame for children to complete their homework.  This should allow them to complete the task and still feel motivated by it.  Spending hours on something may be less effective and can become frustrating. 

See below for our Homework Policy.