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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Class Topics

2021 Topics January – July

Summer 1 and 2 - Ancient Greece

For our next topic we will be exploring the topic ‘The Greeks’. We will go back in time to explore how the Greeks lived and built incredible civilizations. The Hedgehogs will look into how the Greeks bought the theatre to life through their dramatic performances through story telling. Using the curriculum, we will journey through their fascinating history and use our artistic skills to create Amphora vases and stunning mosaics!

Spring 2 - STEM weeks 

Hedgehogs have been looking at the fairy tales of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Pinocchio’ for our STEM weeks. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and explored so many different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Check out our photos to see what we have been doing over the past 3 weeks.






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Spring 1 - Africa

This term we will exploring the wonderful continent that is Africa!

Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most populous continent in the world. Hedgehogs will be delving into the wonderful rich cultures of this country through Art, Music and Dance. We will be looking into tribal art, wildlife conservation, cuisine and the nations stunning cities. During the period of lockdown all of the work will be set and shared on your class dojo page.


2020 Topics September - December 

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Autumn 2  - Mexican Art

This term leading up to Christmas we will be exploring the topic 'Mexican Art'

A hallmark of Mexican Art are the vibrant colours.  Bold colours and decorative details give Mexican folk art the attractive edge it is famous for. We will be exploring all these different decorative techniques to achieve some beautiful art pieces. The Hedgehogs will be looking into the festival of 'Dia de los Muertos' and what it represents in terms of 'remembrance'. 


Autumn 2 - 'Remembrance Week' November 9th -13th

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For this week the children will be exploring the importance of 'Remembrance Day' and why we need to commemorate the fallen. We will revisit key moments in the history of the war with drama reenactments, create our own creative commemorative artworks and also explore the war poet Wilfred Owen. Be prepared to hear some Latin from the children!