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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School



Welcome to Bumblebees class

Happy new year! Hope you all had a well-rested break.

Bumblebees class are taught by Rashid Umran (class teacher) and supported by Sue (level 3 teaching assistant), Omar (teaching assistant) and Farakh (teaching assistant), who are amazing and work incredibly hard. On Tuesdays, we have Amma (HLTA) who will teach Computing, PHSE and Topic.

This term in Math’s bumblebees will be learning about time. They will look at things they do in the day and night, visual timetables, sequencing, vocabulary related to time, days of the week and how the clock face and hands work. This will be taught in a practical and hands on context.

In English our theme is little red riding hood, children will be introduced to colourful semantics questioning to help support understanding. We will focus on fine motor activities to develop writing skills and use a wide range of communication strategies including Makaton to promote speaking and listening.

Our Science topic is Light and Sound. Bumblebees really enjoy investigating and making predictions, again this will be taught using a practical, hands-on approach.

Bumblebees will be looking at word war two for our Topic, we will look at what children did during the war, what food people ate, make an air raid shelter and explore WW2 art.

PE this term will focus on dance and following instructions. We will look at Akrham Khan and South Asian dance. We will continue with weekly theralympics focusing on fine and gross motor skills. Children will also work in groups to develop teamwork and leadership, through Commando Joes missions.

We continue to follow the ‘Woodlands curriculum pathway’, our timetable can be found in the timetable tab.


Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you 

Mr Umran

Spring Update 

Bumblebees made some amazing costumes using the recycled materials that they brought from home. Each child choose an animal from the book ‘Dear Earth’ and centred their design around this. We talked about how we could help protect these animals. Bumblebees loved parading their costumes in our Eco assembly showing off what they created.Bumblebees made some amazing costumes using the recycled materials that they brought from home. Each child choose an animal from the book ‘Dear Earth’ and centred their design around this. We talked about how we could help protect these animals. 

Our topic which was ‘Eco’ linked to science and English, we have been learning about how to recycle and up-cycle, we used plastic bottles to make plant pots (the tomatoes have started to grow), we painted plastic bottles and re-used cardboard to make resources for maths lessons - exploring weight and capacity. Bumblebees got really creative and loved taking materials that we’d normally throw away, and made some amazing art work from it. We showcased our work in a sensory art show, in which we invited a class from lower school to take part in our lesson exploring our art pieces. Bumblebees wore face masks of different animals to bring the show alive.


Summer term 1

In Science, we will explore ‘Natural Phenomena’ looking at what every day materials are made from, explore what they can be best used for and name the different materials. We will link this with our Topic which is Egypt, comparing what materials they used and conducting some fun experiments to explore how things differed and make some comparisons.

In English, we will continue with the theme of Egypt, our book ‘Bill and Pete go down the Nile’ will compliment this. Julie, who is our speech and language specialist will help us adapt this story using colourful semantics.

Measuring will be the focus in Maths looking at length – with an Egypt twist.  We will look at the distances between two points, learn different units of measure, we will start comparing, describing and solving practical problems for lengths, while also beginning to measure and record them. Measurement plays an important role in children’s maths education, not only as part of the learning process but also in life.

Jo Fraser – the English artistic gymnast will be our inspiration for PE, we will focus on building our core strength; showing stillness and form when creating body shapes, exploring how flexible our bodies are, learn the importance of playing safely in a space together and how everything contributes to our wellbeing. We will continue with our ‘Do and Discover’ activities (now that the weather is better we can explore the outdoors more) and complete another mission with Commando Joe.

In RE, we will be learning about Ramadan (which I will be taking part in) and the festival of Eid. Confidence and being courageous will be our focus. PHSE will look at Road safety, RHE- changing bodies and hygiene and cooking healthy meals.