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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School


At Dame Ellen Pinsent School we have developed an Assessment System that caters for our children and their growing needs. The system also allows us to give appropriate information to parents, teachers, senior leaders and governors about the progress the children are making. The Assessment System enables us to identify, recognise and celebrate the small steps of progress that our children make.

We use a simple colour coding system throughout the school to assess all children against the Assessment Frameworks and the different statements. 

Red - Beginning

Yellow - Emerging 

Green - Developing

Blue - Secure


Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP)

Children within our Bunnies classroom use the Early Years Development Matters Framework as their assessment tool. Children are assessed, at 3 data points throughout the academic year, using the colour coding system. Statutory Data is then submitted to the local authority at the end of the academic year for those pupils completing their Reception year.


Children working below the Pre-Key Stage Standards – Early Skills Framework

The Early Skills Frameworks form a set of skills that will enable the children to make individualised progress across the core areas and will also support teachers with the learning opportunities they provide. The Framework is made up of Early Literacy and Early Mathematics. Each area has 3 bands labelled Early Skills 1,2, and 3. Our colour-coding system is then used to determine the child’s level of engagement at each stage. The Early Literacy and Mathematics Framework is used to assess the majority of children within the Seedlings and Orchard Pathway.


Children working within the Pre-Key Stage Standards – DEP Framework

At Dame Ellen Pinsent we have adapted the Access to Education (DEP) Framework for both English and Maths. The Framework consists of 16 bands and is made up of attainment criteria based on the Primary National Curriculum and includes the Pre-Key Stage Standards. The descriptors cover attainment from Nursery to the end of Year 6 expectations. Throughout the academic year, teachers have used the childrens individual Frameworks to Baseline new children and add progress for the pupils that they teach. This Framework is used by all children within the Woodland Pathway, and for some children in the Seedling and Orchard Pathway dependent on their cognitive ability.