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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School


Admissions Procedure

As a Special School the LA commission the school places here at Dame Ellen Pinsent.  All pupils that come to the school have an EHCP in place.  The procedure below is what the school follows for the admission of pupils.

  • The LA/SENAR send paperwork (EHCP) for pupils referred from the placement panel
  • The Head Teacher reads the paperwork and assesses the suitability of placement at Dame Ellen Pinsent School (delegated by the Governors).
  • If the placement is likely to be suitable and further information is required an observation of the pupil is carried out, by the Head, DHT or AHT, in their current setting. 
  • A reply slip (Governing Body response) is sent back to the LA to say whether the school is able to offer a place or not.
  • Places are only offered if there is a vacancy within the appropriate class.
  • The Head Teacher checks with the office and the Visitors Log to see if the parents of the pupil have visited the school, if no, then we invite the parents to come and visit.  If yes, then we formally offer the pupil a place and ask parents to come to school to sign the relevant paperwork.
  • The school keep an admissions register with all information on.  This is maintained by the Head and the Office manager
  • The Head and Deputy conduct all visits on the designated days.
  • Office staff and the School Nurse will support parents in completing the relevant school paperwork.