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Money Week 2017

This year our Money Week activities tied in with some fundraising for our new school minibus.  It's taken some time to count all the coppers from the copper trail and to add up all the funds raised from the Money Week fayre but now we are pleased to announce that we raised over £1,500!  A massive thank you to all our families who supported us and a great big well done to the children.  You did a fantastic job!  Here is a report from one of our classes on some of the activites they took part in.

Our Money Week at Dame Ellen Pinsent School  - A report by Jack, TJ and Sobi in Hedgehogs Class.

Our school has enjoyed doing money activities for our Money week. We learnt all about money and also raised money for a new minibus.


The Copper Trail

We did a fun activity called the Copper trail. Children in all of the classes brought in their money boxes. They had collected 1p and 2p coins to make a trail by the woodland. Hedgehogs helped Lambs Class to lay their coins out in lines and made patterns. Mr. Hammersley and the Seahorses helped collect all the copper coins at the end of the week.








All of the classes walked or went on the minibus to

visit different places to use money in real life. Some

classes went to the Post Office or the supermarket.

Hedgehogs and Sharks walked to the shops on Hollybank

Road. We looked at the prices and worked out what coins

we needed to pay for items. We paid the man and he gave us change.


The Price is Right

We played The Price is Right in our classes. We had to guess the nearest price to win the round. At the end of the week, the best players for each class played a final in assembly. Sobi in Hedgehogs and Dana in Sharks came first.






Sponsored Penalty Shootout

We each had 10 penalties and were sponsored by our families.  

We could be sponsored for the number of goals we scored but

some Moms and Dads gave us a total whatever we scored.

Hedgehog Class raised £126 in penalty shootout sponsor money!


In the classroom

We played lots of money games with our friends. We learnt about the history of money and that coins and notes did not exist long ago. In the past people would barter and exchange items. Did you know that credit cards were first used in the 1950s! Some classes designed and made their own coins and notes and wrote cheques.


The Craft Fair

Classes made lots of things to sell at the fair. Hedgehogs made magic wands, snakes and Hedgehog decorations. We sold them on Friday. There were cakes, loom bands, drinks like tea and orange juice, some playdough and chocolate cakes too.