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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School



Dear Parents and Carers

Thanks to everyone who returned the questionnaire about homework and home-school communication books. Please see below for the results from both surveys.

After half term we will be starting to roll out packs of Maths Homework. Initially this will be for Year 3-5 children in the following classes.  Meerkats, Lions, Owls, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Sharks and Dolphins. It is hoped to add several more classes in the final half term and to have it in place for all children from September. If your child is involved in the initial pilot you should have had a letter. If you are unsure please check with the class teacher using the Home School Book. If you have lost your copy of the letter it can be downloaded below.

Please return the slip at the bottom of the letter as soon as possible, so that we know you have received the information . It will also give us an idea of how many parents to expect on April 18th. Parents / Carers of children who will be using the new Maths Packs have been invited into school from 1.30 on that afternoon to be involved in the launch by using the packs alongside their child before taking them home.

Some children will be having Foundation Learning Packs instead, depending on the age and needs of the individual child. 

We  look forward to getting feedback from Parents and Carers to help us develop these new Homework strategies.

Topic homework is now going out half termly and we are looking forward to finding out if you are finding this successful. Please return the sheet with comments so we can work on making it even better next time.

Reading books are now well established and it would be really helpful if you could comment in your child’s Home School Book. This will inform staff and help them to know when your child is ready for a new book.

It would also be very helpful if you could make sure that homework is returned to school when completed. That way we can see what your child has achieved and it will get them used to the expectation for regular homework as they get older.

If you have any questions about homework please use your child’s Home School book to ask their teacher.

Mairi Eggar

Assistant Head Teacher

Letter to Parents re Maths Homework Packs.docx

Home School Communication Survey

Do you think the home-school book is a useful way to communicate with school?

Yes    50

No       0

Do you think the home-school book should include any other information?

Yes     9

No     41

Are there times when you would prefer to be contacted by another means to the home-school book?

Yes    15

No      35

The home-school books have improved communication between school and home

Strongly Disagree      0

Disagree                      1

Undecided                   2

Agree                          23

Strongly agree           25

Home-school books are an easy way to exchange information

Strongly Disagree      0

Disagree                      0

Undecided                   1

Agree                          23

Strongly agree           27

I receive enough information from school about my child

Strongly Disagree      1

Disagree                      5

Undecided                   7

Agree                          22

Strongly agree           16

I receive enough information about my child's curriculum

Strongly Disagree      1

Disagree                      0

Undecided                   7

Agree                          27

Strongly agree           16

It is important for parents and school to communicate with each other

Strongly Disagree      1

Disagree                      0

Undecided                   1

Agree                           5

Strongly agree           44

I would consider using an online version of a home-school book

Strongly Disagree      6

Disagree                     12

Undecided                  14

Agree                          14

Strongly agree             5