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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School


Welcome to Hedgehogs Class page!

Our teachers are Mrs. Blaze-Jones and Mrs. Williams. Amma and Rachel are our teaching assistants.

Mrs. Williams teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday and Mrs. Blaze-Jones teaches us on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Autumn Term 2017:

This half term our topic is World War II. We we be linking our English and Maths work to our topic as much as possible. In our Writing Wizard lesssons, we will be exploring the magical world pf Narnia through C.S.Lewis' 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. We will add examples of our amazing work and update our page as we go through the half term.




Autumn Term 2016:


Hedgehogs visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market

On Monday 12th December, Hedgehogs Class travelled on the train into Birmingham City Centre to visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market.

We explored the festive stalls....



...and took a ride on the carousel.


Emma Brady, from Birmingham City Council's Press Office came to speak to the children about how they were enjoying their time at the market. She was really impressed with how polite, sensible and confident our Hedgehogs were. 

To read the article please access the link here or Dame Ellen Pinsent School Twitter feed.

Before we left, we enjoyed a delicious cup of hot chocolate and shared a warm, sugared pretzel. Yum, yum!



Our theme for Autumn Term 1 was 'Ancient Greece' and we absolutely loved finding out about this part of History in Hedgehogs Class!

In English we wrote our own versions of a Greek myth. We planned out our myths first, creating a hero and a horrible mythical beast. We then wrote stories about our hero’s quest to defeat the beast and save the people of Athens!


Here are some extracts from our myth writing…

''A great, big monster was planning to take over Olympia so the monster needed to be killed. Jason had heard of this 'monster'. It was big, mighty, angry and agressive, but Jason was not afraid.'' (Ryan)


''He went further in the cave and saw the Minotaur. The Minotaur had strangling snakes, enormous arms to fight, special eyes, throwing pointy hands and made lightening.'' (Sobi)


''Medusa is big, slimy and soft with snakes in her hair. The God gave Hercules the power of big, massive strength.'' (Matthew)



''The monster came. The monster was roaring and stamping his feet.'' (Kieran)


'On a boiling hot day in Athens in Ancient Greece, there was once a mighty hero named Theseus. He was strong, brave and also invincible.'' (TJ)


''Hercules rode a magic carpet through the cave in the desert. Hercules rubbed his magic lamp and got a wish . He flew over the snake covered wall.'' (Addison)


''One hot day Hercules was working on the farm. He was big and strong and fishing on his farm pond.'' (Darcy)


''Hercules creeps into the cave. The monster is snoring.'' (Jessica)


''Hercules fired a fiery arrow into Hades' eye. Hercules took Hades' body back home to show his Mom and Dad.'' (Joseph)


''The problem is a fifty tentacled octopus that lived under the sea. The monster drowned the ships and drowned the crew.'' (Jamie)


''They go into the cave. It was dark. They made a fire so they could see. They had to kill a big monster.''  (Isaac)


''Perseus saw the Minotaur. He ran at full speed and flipped off a massive rock. He swung his sword and slayed the Minotaur.'' (Jack)    


Ancient Greek Day:

In October, we held an Ancient Greek Day in Hedgehogs and Sharks classes. All of the children dressed up and we had fun competing in Ancient Greek style ‘Olympic’ challenges, tasting Greek food, re-enacting a battle between the Athenians and Spartans and making Greek war shields.



Autumn Term –


We have been using lots of practical resources to help develop our number and place value skills (including adding, subtracting and multiplying)

We have been practicing clever strategies to work out answers in our heads using our ‘mental maths’ skills.



Shape, Space and Measures: 

In shape, space and measures, we have learnt all about 2D and 3D shapes, weight and length.

For Health and Sports Week, we completed a measures challenge. Our friendly class alien ‘Zog’ told us that ‘’the tallest person will always throw a bean bag the furthest distance.’’

We wanted to see if Zog was right, so organised ourselves in height order and then went to the playground to throw beanbags. We measured the distance we had thrown the bean bag using a trundle wheel. We found out that Zog was not correct!










Who loves Halloween? Hedgehog Class certainly do!

We wrote amazing poems all about Halloween in the style of the poet ‘Kit Wright’. We called our poems ‘The Magic Halloween Box’. You can read some of our poems on the display in the school hall.

Check out our spooky Halloween cakes… they may look scary but they tasted delicious!


Safety Week:

For Safety Week, Hedgehogs Class took part in lots of activities to help remember how we can keep safe in different situations and in different places. Here are just a few of the things we did…


Road Safety






Outdoor fire safety






Exploring the role of different emergency services, such as the Fire Service.



Summer Term 2016:


This Summer term has been very busy and we have been enjoying learning about lots of new things.

Our theme this term is ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ Here is a quick snap shot of some of the exciting things we have been doing during the topic so far...


In Maths we have been solving problems involving addition and subtraction.




In Science we investigated light and shadows. We made our own puppet theatres and acted out stories.









Spring Term 2016:

Our theme for last term was 'Farm to Plate' We explored where our food comes from and what keeps our bodies healthy.

Here are some of the amazing things we did during Spring term 2016...

Science: We talked about what makes a 'Healthy Me!' Hedgehogs Class worked in teams to  organise food groups and we each completed a food diary to see what foods we ate over the week.















Healthy Sandwiches:

We linked our Design and Technology project 'Designing and Making Sandwiches' to our Science and Topic lessons too. We investigated healthy and unhealthy sandwich fillings. Hedgehogs then worked in two teams to design and make a healthy sandwich. One team designed their sandwich for Mrs. Eggar and the other team designed theirs for Mr. Brown.



We evaluated our finished products and talked about what we did well and how we could improve our design next time.

Mrs. Eggar and Mr. Brown really enjoyed their sandwiches. 

''It was one of the tastiest sandwiches I've ever eaten'' (Mr. Brown)


English: In English we created a sandwich shop. We wrote instructions for how to make a sandwich and how to wash our hands. We used our learning wall to help us...


World Book Day: Our school theme for World Book Day was 'Aliens Love Underpants'. Hedgehogs Class designed and made alien hand puppets using different sewing techniques. We think they are just brilliant!